How to write a book like hunger games

Yet I still see this as the Initial Driver because it creates the threat death by hunger which drives the rest of the story. But when Allira saves two classmates from a fiery car accident and walks away with a burn, her heroics attract unwanted attention.

Raphael, along with his friends Gardo and Rat, discover that the bag holds secrets of extreme political corruption.

How to write suspense like The Hunger Games

March 29, at 4: The Road of Trials Katniss undergoes training, makes TV appearances, demonstrates her skills, and navigates the politics behind the games.

I wrote about The Hunger Games and subversion on my own blog this week here: For Katniss, this also requires being seen as Peeta's star-crossed lover. It is pleasing to the reader to know that you have to reach The Base before you can rescue Tesily, uncover the Gulliver Branch and stop The Proctor getting control over the All World.

While the language is classical, HG Wells' book is rollicking good yarn full of plane battles, futuristic technology and chases through the streets. Everyone receives a permanent cure at the age of 18, but just before her birthday, Lena falls in love with Alex, a man who refused the cure who lives in limbo outside the borders.

Facing a bitterly cold climate, Buck reverts back to his primordial instincts and emerges as pack leader. The Belly of the Whale Katniss enters the arena and the Games begin.

I might also include as costs Peeta's loss of a leg and Katniss's various injuries. Will The Institute find her? Katniss is able to leave the arena with Peeta still alive. Peeta's gift of bread when Katniss is starving buys her family a future.

Love is treated as a disease by the totalitarian government, who call it amor deliria nervosa. After Cyrus, Neb, Bonadventure, Harbert, and Gedeon fly for several days, they crash onto a deserted South Pacific island holding a shocking secret.

One of my favourite series of book ever! Becoming a Monster Changing One's Nature Obviously, death is a constant threat for people in District 12 and an almost certain consequence for most tributes. For example, Katniss survives the first deadly hours of the games only to nearly die of thirst in the days that follow.

Even Peeta's family, who own a bakery and are somewhat middle-class, live on stale bread because their survival is precarious. Static Plot Elements in The Hunger Games Dramatica considers acts and drivers to be progressive plot elements because they must occur in a particular chronological order.

Caleb, meaning loyal, is a good choice if you have a romantically unexciting male best friend. Other notable examples in this subgenre, which I will name Social Psych Tests unless someone else has named it something better already include Divergent, The Testing, and The Maze Runner.

How to write suspense like The Hunger Games

We could also recommend Matched by Ally Condie, which deals with similar themes if you have already read Delirium. But her chamber is mysteriously unplugged early. Each line represents an act or a journey between two drivers.

Now she not only has to survive, but she has to outwit the game makers and the government and save them both.

But when her childhood sweetheart, Kai, returns, Elliot must decide whether their bond deserves a second chance.We’ve written a post on Books to Read if You Like The Hunger Games before, but a lot of great new books have come out this year! Check out this new list of Books to Read if you Like The Hunger Games.

With the Hunger Games book and movie series drawing to a close, many readers are left without an alternative book series. If you are looking for a series that is similar to the Hunger Games, the following list was created with your wishes in mind. Hunger Games Book Report “The Hunger Games” is a the first book in a fantastic series of three books written by Suzanne Collins.

It takes you into the life of a scared but quick-thinking, brave girl named Katniss Everdeen who learns how to survive on her own from a very young age when her father died in a mining. In The Hunger Games, that something is the very survival of Katniss, something very big indeed.

However, a mistake many writers make is thinking that suspense can be built only with big issues like survival, worlds ending or wars. If we look at The Hunger Games, we can see that there are smaller elements that build suspense as well. For example, we.

How to write a dystopian YA novel in 10 easy steps

The Well is less YA than The Hunger Games, but older readers who love dystopians, literary fiction, and thrillers will love it.

If you like Margaret Atwood and Gillian Flynn just as much as The Hunger Games, this is the book for you. With a female protagonist (tick!), clever use of writing style (tick tick!) and some heart-pounding scenes (tick tick tick!), this is a fantastic, mature read to follow The Hunger Games.


How to write a book like hunger games
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